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The Department Agriculture, Hygiene and Vector Control has a role in maintaining public health on Saba. The three departments were recently merged into one department with three different sections for more efficient utilization of resources and to provide more efficient service to the residents of The Public Entity.

The Agriculture Section has the goal of revitalizing agriculture on Saba. Currently the island is completely dependent on imports to provide food for the population of the island. The agriculture section provides information on agronomy and is able provide some supplies for interested farmers. The section also provides assistance to farmers who practice animal husbandry by maintaining a readily available supply of animal feed for purchase.

The Hygiene section has the task of promoting food safety on behalf of The Public Entity. Inspections take place in establishments that sell food for public consumption to ensure that food preparation areas are sanitary and that personnel in these establishment have the required documents. Grocery stores are also inspected to ensure that products sold are fit for consumption.

The Vector Control Sections inspects the immediate vicinity of homes and business to ensure that there are no breeding sites for mosquitos which can transmit diseases. All receptacles which can retain water such as cisterns, tanks and drums are treated with natural or biological solutions which inhibit the propagation of the insect. The personnel also advise residents and business owners on actions to take to diminish the population of mosquitoes on the island. Inaddition the Vector Control section also takes measures to reduce the rodent population on the island.

Contact information:
Randall Johnson
Head of The Department of Agriculture, Hygiene and Vector Control
Email: randall.johnson@sabagov.nl
Tel: +599 416 3229
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