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  Economic Affairs
The task, duties and responsibilities of the Department of Economic Affairs is to contribute to the economic policy of the Public Entity Saba.

The Department will identify and interpret the existing situation, the success and obstructing factors in local economic situations.

Contributes to the economic plan for strengthening, (re) vitality and renewal of economic functions, business environment and economic development within the Public Entity Saba.

Develops a framework of conditions and criteria for sustainable economic development.

Consult with stakeholders in order to obtain support.

The Department also implements projects in the field of economic development.

Makes a result oriented project plan and implement this.

Acts as a spokesman/liaison (business contact person) and promotes the economic cooperation
also in the region and consults with private, administrative a civil parties in which advice and
negotiations take place adapting in to the policy-making process for the projects.

Implements economy stimulating activities as part of projects.

Implements projects in the context of the tourist recreational policy.

Internally and externally give advice to the Island Secretary or the Executive Council on economic
policy matters and areas of planning and development projects.

Prepares policy proposals and decision documents, produces data for administrative and civil decision making.

Advices and coordinates the applications for licenses, the submission of requests for review
of land use planning of entrepreneurs.

Advices on issuance of industrial sites/areas.

Communicate with the Island Secretary, administrative and political representatives of the
Public Entity to present economic developments, (principles of) policy, and to discuss the
sustainable economic development of the Public Entity.

Communicate with representatives of the local and regional business, Chamber of Commerce to discuss promote and evaluate economic projects.

Carry out and control matters related to Weights and Measurements.

Contact Information
Dave Levenstone
Head of The Department of Economic Affairs
E-mail: dave.levenstone@sabagov.nl
Tel: +599 416-3311 ext 900
Tel: +599 416-3505

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