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The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management of The Public Entity Saba this includes but is not limited to accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, budgeting, collections, financial reporting, and also assist in payroll administration.

The Finance Department is committed to promoting and ensuring financial integrity and accountability of The Public Entity to its citizens for the expenditure of funds and safeguarding of public assets and to provide the financial support needed by departments of the Island Entity to deliver their services.

Enhance the Island’s financial reputation by securing “clean” audit opinions and ensure kingdom recognition for budgeting and financial needs.

Provide comprehensive financial management and office support to all government departments,

Provide accurate, timely and appropriate financial reporting to the external auditors, CFT and the Executive and Island Councils.

Provide timely, accurate and effective support services to departments including financial planning and support.

Contact Information:
Maureen Hassell
Head of Finance
Email: maureen.hassell@sabagov.nl
Tel: +599 416 3311 ext 211

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