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The Saba Harbor Office is responsible for the day to day management and facilities and to ensure that operations run efficiently and effectively. The office is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the harbor as per the harbor ordinance, in order to ensure the safety, the security and the correct operation of the port facilities.

The harbor office oversees the maintenance and upkeep of harbor facilities, co-ordinates responses to emergencies, and oversees the vessel traffic within the harbor. The harbor office is also responsible for the collection of all port fees. Vessels are required to report at the harbor office when landing on Saba and are required to pay the regulated fees.  

It also falls under the harbor office’s responsibilities to report any suspicious or illegal activities to the authorities and to issue local safety information during inclement weather, storms or hurricanes. In order to ensure that the harbor functions effectively and efficiently the harbor master is required to participate in harbor and disaster management trainings throughout the year and update the staff in these areas.

Contact Information:
Travis Johnson
Harbor Master
Email: travis.johnson@sabagov.nl
Tel: +599 416 3294

Information for Vessels visiting Saba*
Whilst coming ashore we strongly advise that you enter the island of Saba only through Fort Bay Harbor as the other areas (Well's Bay, Ladder Bay and Cove Bay) can be treacherous in certain sea conditions that may be deceptive from aboard your vessel.

Check-in procedures:
Arriving yachts are required to proceed to the Fort Bay Harbor as soon as possible, clear Customs and Immigration, then check in/out with the harbormaster to fulfill the required formalities. If Customs and Immigration are not available, proceed directly to the Harbor Office. The opening hours of the harbor office are from 6 AM to 6 PM. For your convenience and to speed up the procedures, the Customs and Immigration form can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Every yacht is ALSO REQUIRED to check in with the Marine Park at the office also located in Fort Bay. Download the yacht registration form (editable PDF format), or visit our downloads section.

Saba National Marine Park Mooring Map 
Contact the Saba National Marine Park office (+599 416 6865) or Harbor Master on VHF channel 16 for directions on anchoring, mooring use, or any other information you may require.

*Information from this point forward displayed by kind permission of The Saba Conservation Foundation.

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