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The role of the Public Health Department is to monitor, protect and promote the health of the people on Saba. This is done through a wide range of activities, tasks and programs. Some tasks are executed by the department, while others are executed in cooperation with organizations that are network partners.

Some tasks that are overseen by the department include:
Youth health care: Monitoring children’s development through regular check-ups, vaccinations against diseases and by supporting parents where needed.

Infectious disease control: the department has a significant role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. This is done by eliminating possible sources of infection, protecting contacts, improving current surveillance systems and by carrying out hygiene measures. An example is the work of the mosquito control team, that has been an important factor in making Saba one of the few islands in the Caribbean that has not had an outbreak of Chikungunya.

Health epidemiology: in order to determine public health priorities and to evaluate health policies, the department periodically does research on the health of the people living on Saba.

Health promotion: everybody knows that smoking, heavy drinking and a poor diet can lead to health problems and a shorter life expectancy, but preventing and especially changing these lifestyles is often difficult. The department and its partners try to educate children and adults on these subjects and help to bring about behavior change.

Sexual health: together with network partners, the department educates both youth and adults on sexuality, sexually transmitted infections(STIs) and birth control, sexual diversity and personal limits. The department continuously works on improving the availability and quality of STI testing and birth control.

Forensic medicine: whenever police or the justice office needs medical expertise, doctors specifically appointed by the government can give their advice.

Disaster management: in the case of an emergency or disaster, the public health department works closely with the Saba Health Care Foundation, police and fire department to ensure a timely response and upscaling of medical capacity.

Integral advice to the government: public health is not only limited to health, other areas such as urban planning, poverty reduction and waste management can all have an influence on the health of the people of Saba and the expertise of the department can be used in these policy areas.

Saba Fit Activity Report 2015

Contact Information:
Dr. Koen Hulshof.
Public Health Doctor
Email: koen.hulshof@sabagov.nl
Tel: + 599 416 3311 ext 101

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