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  Public Works & Sanitation
The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure that is the hands of The Public Entity. The department services and maintains all of the government buildings, roads and streets as well as traffic signals and streetlights in addition the network of grey water cisterns that are located around the island.  The department is also responsible for the transportation of students for both the primary and secondary school as wells as the medical students of the medical university.
Since 2012 the Sanitation Department also merged with the Public Works department.                                                                                                              

The Sanitation department consists of a supervision division; roads/streets cleaning divisions which work within the villages and the waste collection division which is responsible for garbage collection at homes and businesses.

The schedule for pick up Recyclables and Non – Recyclables is as follows:

Collection Schedule:
Mon: Dry Recyclables and Non Recyclables (Orange and Grey Bins)
Tues: Dry Recyclables and Non Recyclables (Orange and Grey Bins)
Wed: Dry Recyclables (Orange Bins)
Thurs: Non - Recyclables (Grey Bin)
*Fri: Dry Recyclables and Non Recyclables (Orange and Grey Bins)
*Friday Collection is along the main road, this collection
is for businesses and other large institutions!

For all oversized garbage such as fridge, stoves, furniture etc. Public Works should be contacted to schedule pickup.

Contact Information:
Russell Thielman
Head of Public Works / Sanitation department.
Email: russell.thielman@sabagov.nl
Tel: +599 416 3357
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