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  Executive Council Functions
In accordance with Section 168 of the Wolbes the powers of The Executive Council are:

The Island Legislative Council will in any case be authorized:

a. to conduct the day-to-day administration of the public entity, insofar as it has not been entrusted to the Island Legislative Council or the Island Governor by or pursuant to the law;

b. to prepare and execute decisions of the Island Legislative Council, unless such preparation and
execution have been entrusted to the Island Governor by or pursuant to the law;

c. to establish rules with regard to the administrative organization of the public entity, with the exception of the Registry;

d. to appoint, promote, suspend and dismiss public officials, not being the Island Registrar and the public officials working at the Registry;

e. to decide on legal acts of private law of the public entity;

f. to decide, on behalf of the public entity, the Executive Council or the Island Legislative Council, to conduct lawsuits, objection procedures or administrative appeal procedures or perform acts in preparation thereof, unless the Island Legislative Council, to the extent it concerns the Island Legislative Council, decides otherwise in common cases;

g. with regard to the preparation of the civil defence;

h. to institute, cancel or change annual markets or regular market days.

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