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According to Section 172 of the Wolbes the powers of the Island Governor are:

1. The Island Governor will see to:
a. timely preparation, adoption and implementation of the policy of the public entity and of the resulting decisions, as well as proper attuning between those involved in such preparation, adoption and implementation;
b. proper cooperation of the public entity with the other public entities and other governments;
c. the quality of procedures in the area of citizen participation;
d. careful handling of notices of objection;
e. careful handling of complaints by the island government.
2. The Island Governor will otherwise promote proper attendance to the affairs of the public entity.
Section 173
1. The Island Governor will represent the public entity in and out of court.
2. The Island Governor may delegate the representation to a person appointed by him.

Section 174
1. The Island Governor will be entrusted with maintaining public order.
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