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  Island Council
Island Council
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  Island Council Functions
The Island Council represents the people of Saba (Section 6 WolBES). Elections for the Island Council take place every four years Sect. 8), and the Island Council of Saba consists of five members (Sect. 9). The Island Council is the legislative body of the Public Entity Saba. Following are the most important responsibilities of the Island Council:

The Island Council is responsible for the appointment of the Commissioners (Sect. 37). The Island Council has the power to remove the Commissioners (Sect. 60).

The Island Council has the power to pass ordinances (Sect. 149) as long as the content falls within their legislative responsibilities. The ordinances are public (Sect. 152).

The Island Council also has the right to ask written or oral questions to the Executive Council (Sect. 159).

The Island Council has the right to start an investigation into the functioning of the Governor or the Executive Council.

The Island Council is responsible for passing and amending the budget (Sect. 15 FinBES).
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